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LandStudies, Inc. implements an approach that balances the client’s needs and abilities with regulations. The process allows a municipality to understand their responsibilities of an issued Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. Our team of Engineers, Landscape Architects, Scientists, Construction Managers and Pennsylvania Certified MS4 Specialist provides a complete set of tools to address all components of an MS4 Permit and Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) for a municipality.

SWMP Audit

  • An introductory audit of the municipality’s SWMP to determine the progress toward meeting regulatory responsibilities outlined in the MS4 Permit as well as the program’s measurable goals.
  • Helps a permitted municipality prepare for a state or federal audit and/or inspection, while providing cost effective program management recommendations to meet regulations.


  • Aids in developing, implementing, managing and coordinating the SWMP and the components of the six (6) Minimum Control Measures (MCM) of an issued Phase II MS4  Permit.
  • Assists municipalities with meeting permit and regulatory requirements while maintaining a realistic and reasonable budget.
  • Determines a municipality’s priorities  so it does not waste money and resources on unnecessary activities.

Good Housekeeping (MCM 6) Compliance

  • An on‐site review and mock inspection of a municipality’s operational facilities (garages) and documentation to identify accomplishments and deficiencies.
  • Conducted based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspection guidelines for both site conditions and administrative requirements.
  • Additional services available
  • Plan for permit compliance.

Watershed Action Plan Watershed Based Quantification

  • An in‐depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of a small watershed with multiple  municipalities.
  • Prioritizes nutrient and sediment reduction Best Management Practices (BMPs)  implementation, while outlining a set of  realistic reductions that can be achieved.
  • Provides the base for a long‐term Watershed Management and/or Monitoring  Plan to ensure that the municipality meets  the intent of the Clean Water Act.

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plans / Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plans (CBPRP) / Pollution Reduction Plans (PRP) / Impaired Waters Plans

  • Helps a municipality develop and implement plans that may be required by an issued MS4 Permit.
  • Produces plans and assists with monitoring for nutrients, sediment/siltation, pathogens  and other impairments (metals, organic  enrichment, etc.).
  • LandStudies recently helped Lititz Run achieve its TMDL and has submitted the first CBPRP in Pennsylvania. Lititz Run is one  of twelve EPA showcase watersheds in the nation.

Monitoring / Outfall Screening

  • Conducts outfall screening/sampling and reconnaissance reports as required by MCM #3 of an issued MS4 Permit to determine true concerns of a municipality.
  • Cost‐effective ambient and event monitoring plan to help a municipality demonstrate compliance with a developed SWMP.
  • Additional services include comprehensive outfall and MS4 mapping.
  • Maps can be used as an effective tool for maintenance and infrastructure planning.

Design / Build / Maintenance

  • LandStudies has been designing and constructing stormwater BMPs and Green Infrastructure (GI) for over 25 years to improve water quality and achieve reductions in nutrients, sediment, and other  identified pollutants, as may be required by a municipal SWMP or MS4 Permit.
  • Additional services include maintenance and monitoring activities to ensure success and provide documented data for MS4 Permits.
  • Championed the first recognized regional approach to stormwater management utilizing Floodplain Restoration (PA Stormwater BMP Manual 6.7.4).

Contact:  Michael LaSala CPMSM, CSI, Senior MS4/NPDES Program Analyst

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