Customized Landscape Architecture Services

Through a customized process that includes site assessment, feasibility, and value analysis, the Landscape Architecture Division at LandStudies provides consistent, creative, and cost effective solutions that incorporate environmental stewardship into even the most complex situations. Our Landscape Architects are creative design professionals who understand natural system succession and have learned to balance aesthetics and functionality to create self-sustaining environments. By incorporating the input of Engineers and Scientists, our designs synthesize a broad range of expertise, including native plant design, invasive plant control, and implementation techniques tailored to a project’s requirements.

Process is Scalable to All Levels

This process can be applied at all planning levels, from an individual site to a regional approach for municipalities or watersheds. Our design expertise includes, but is not limited to: creation of native meadows, installation of riparian and hedgerow buffers, delineation and restoration of wetlands and pond, reforestation of forest canopy understories, restoration of streams and floodplains, and integration of native plant communities into the built environment through stormwater best management practices (BMPs), groundwater recharge, bio-swales, and other practices.

Holistic Green Master Plan

Our company’s Green Master Plan is a holistic approach that balances a client’s needs with a full array of interrelated environmental policy opportunities and green initiatives, such as nutrient credit trading, Low Impact Development (LID), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This planning process saves clients time and money, in some cases millions of dollars through creative land use and expedited government approvals.

Additional Landscape Architecture Services

  • Feasibility
  • Green Master Planning
  • Native Landscape Design
  • Site Assessment
  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Value Analysis