From Design to Monitoring & Maintenance

At LandStudies, we believe that project management is necessary from start to finish – from the initial design process, through construction and installation, to monitoring and maintenance – for projects to achieve successful results that satisfy our clients. Our experienced staff enables our company to offer a comprehensive range of services with seamless transition, including the creation of long-term Monitoring and Management Plans (MMPs). MMPs are a critical component that ensures our projects continue to be successful after an installation is completed. Additionally, along with the simplicity of having a single consultant for all required project services, our clients appreciate the efficiency and long-term cost-savings of this responsible and sequential approach.

Dynamic Natural Systems

Native plant communities are dynamic systems that change from year to year; once established, they can vary significantly within the same site based on soil types, hydrology, sunlight, and topography. As such, there is not a single prescribed management regime that can be applied to all project situations. Our professional staff has the ability to identify both native and invasive plant species and to translate what they see into an appropriate MMP. Because of the ever-changing character of naturalized plant communities, long-term MMPs should be considered an integral part of any natural area or naturalized landscape, especially those within commercial, residential, or institutional locations.

Additional Monitoring & Maintenance Services

  • CREP and Riparian Buffers
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Invasive Plant Control
  • Monitoring and Maintenance Plans
  • Mow Management
  • Natural Area Maintenance
  • Sediment Removal
  • Stormwater Management BMPs and rain gardens

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