Design and Build Services

Our ability to provide both design and build services under one roof gives clients a combination of the best value with the greatest flexibility. The Field Operations Division at LandStudies has experience constructing all types of naturalized landscapes including, but not limited to, native meadows, riparian buffers, reforested spaces, stream and wetland restorations, and stormwater best management practices (BMPs).

Care of Natural Systems

Our staff understands that natural systems are sensitive to disturbance and require the highest level of care be taken during all phases of construction. With this in mind, our Field Operations staff undergo worksite safety training, and our Construction Managers are up-to-date on the most recent Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment (E&S) Control Compliance standards and are qualified to carry out E&S observation and reporting. The experienced construction staff in our Field Operations Division gives us the ability to provide the materials, equipment, expertise, and proper licensure to complete projects of all scopes and sizes. From large-scale stream restorations to the construction of a small rain garden, the Field Operations Division at LandStudies has the resources and personnel to complete any project safely, according to plan, and most importantly – on time and within budget.

Field Operations Services

  • Construction Management
  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and Riparian Buffers
  • Ecological Construction
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Compliance
  • Erosion Control Observation and Reporting
  • Invasive Plant Control
  • Meadow Seeding
  • Monitoring and Management Plans
  • Naturalized Landscaping – native meadows and reforestation
  • Plant Procurement and Installation
  • Stormwater Management BMPs and rain gardens
  • Stream and Floodplain Restoration
  • Wetland Restoration – mitigation