Worth the Investment?

Few can dispute the merits of undertaking projects to repair or prevent environmental damage. The hard truth, though, is that some projects with the best long-term results require a significant initial investment of time and financial resources. Consequently, some view the environmental improvements from these projects as not worth the investment.

Rewards of Economic Ecology®

LandStudies demonstrates how and why that point of view is changing. In its trend-setting publication, Economic Ecology:Floodplain Restoration, LandStudies presents twelve case studies to demonstrate the economic rewards of tackling environmental issues on a regional scale, specifically through floodplain restoration.

Costs-Benefits are Real

Also included are cost-benefit analyses that reveal the true value proposition of an approach we call Economic Ecology. Economic Ecology maximizes economic and environmental returns to solve water issues on a regional scale. Understanding Economic Ecology is especially important for those who influence the economic development and vitality of our communities.

Who Can Benefit?

Government officials, bankers, real-estate brokers, developers, land planners and lawmakers all can benefit from reading this publication.

Learn how Economic Ecology can improve the quality of life in your community. To obtain your copy of Economic Ecology: Floodplain Restoration, please complete the form below.

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