Manheim Township Stream Restoration & Water Quality BMPs for Pollutant Reduction Plan

LandStudies, in coordination with Manheim Township’s Engineer, C.S. Davidson, worked to identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) to fulfill goals of the Township’s Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP). An assessment of the Township’s waterways led to LandStudies designing and permitting eight (8) water quality improvement projects, including one (1) basin retrofit & seven (7) stream restorations totaling 10,697 linear feet.

The first project was constructed in the spring of 2020. An unnamed tributary to the Conestoga River located at Jaycee Park underwent a 1,065 linear feet stream restoration. This site was identified as a priority project due to its entrenched channel and eroding streambanks.

In late summer of 2020, a 1,336 linear feet stream restoration was constructed along Landis Run at Stoner Park. The local community and region will benefit from several measurable outcomes of this project that are co-beneficial to the water quality improvements. These outcomes include infrastructure protection, recreational improvements, and native habitat enhancement.

A basin retrofit in Overlook Park was also completed in Summer 2020, and the remaining five (5) stream restoration projects will be constructed between now and 2022. LandStudies assisted the Township with securing $293,780.00 in federal funding through the NFWF grant program for construction of the 2020 stream restoration projects.


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Client: Manheim Township

Location: Lancaster County, PA

Stream restoration at Jaycee Park, post rainfall (two months after construction)

Before photo of eroding streambanks
(Landis Run at Stoner Park)



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