Fox Run Floodplain Restoration

Dover Township achieved pollutant load reductions through floodplain restoration to fulfill obligations of the York County Consortium’s Regional Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP). The floodplain restoration also addresses stormwater management requirements for a proposed Township park on the site along Fox Run. Based on a feasibility study completed by LandStudies, it was determined that a floodplain restoration of Fox Run and an unnamed tributary achieve significant sediment and nutrient load reductions, meet the township’s stormwater management requirements for the park, and replace the stormwater function of an existing regional stormwater basin to accommodate future offsite economic development.

We worked with Dover Township on the design and permitting of the floodplain restoration along over 4,000 LF of the impaired streams on township property. We are currently providing construction management. The project will create nearly 5 acres of wetlands, provide additional flood storage, and contribute to pollution reduction requirements of the York County Stormwater Consortium by eliminating roughly 175 tons of sediment per year from the waterway. It will also provide regional stormwater management for the park improvements and a new road across the site that will enable recreational development and trailways that provide safe pedestrian routes to the adjacent school while enabling future economic development on a neighboring parcel. The project highlights the potential for large-scale restoration projects to provide a host of benefits to diverse community stakeholders.


Green Master Plan | Assessment | Design | Engineering | Permitting | Construction Management

Client: Dover Township

Location: York County, PA

Before Construction

After Construction


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