New Street Ecological Park Stream & Floodplain Restoration


Pfizer, in partnership with Lititz Borough and LandStudies, Inc., underwrote the design and implementation of the New Street Park Ecological Restoration Project. This project is unique because of its status as a pilot project to help establish nutrient pollution trading parameters in the Conestoga Watershed, Lancaster County, Pa.


A 750-foot straightened section of the stream was restored to a 950-foot section of meandering channel, and several feet of sediment were removed from the floodplain. The result is a more stable, natural system with improved water quality. Excavation for restoration removed the following quantities of sediment & nutrients:

Sediment: 7,800 tons
Total Phosphorus: 8,930 pounds
Total Nitrogen: 26,080 pounds

Predicted Annual Reductions due to restoration:
Sediment: 84 tons
Total Phosphorus: 105 pounds
Total Nitrogen: 1,523 pounds


Design | Geomorphology | Engineering | Permitting | Construction Monitoring

Client: Pfizer and Lititz Borough

Location: Lititz, Pa.


During Construction


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