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City of Lancaster Best Management Practices

Stormwater Management BMPs

Project Description

LandStudies worked with the City of Lancaster and their contractors to design and construct numerous stormwater best management practices (BMPs) within the city. Each project included the installation of woody and herbaceous plant material in newly constructed bio-basins at parking lot sites located throughout Lancaster City. These green infrastructure components provide cost-effective stormwater management that collects and infiltrates rain water that flows from downspouts, sidewalks, streets, and parking lots. In turn, the volume of stormwater entering the city’s combined sewer system is reduced. These sites are a part of the city’s effort to comply with a consent decree for reduction in combined sewer overflows, along with achieving water quality improvements as required by the issued NPDES permit. The parking lots included:

  • Dauphin Street
  • West Liberty Street
  • Mifflin Street
  • Penn Street
  • Plum Street
  • West Liberty Street
  • Grant Street
  • James Street
  • Mulberry Partners – Lot
  • Two Dudes Painting – Lot
  • Snavely & Oosche – Lot
  • Community Mennonite Church


Design | Landscape Installation | Stormwater Management

Client: City of Lancaster, Rogele, Inc.

Location: Lancaster, Pa.

Dauphin Street

Mifflin Street


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