Land Studies

Creating Functional, Natural Landscapes

LandStudies was founded in 1989 on the belief that understanding and working with natural systems, instead of artificially controlling them, provides consistently superior, more stable, and longer lasting results. Our clients appreciate our refreshing approach in contrast to conventional site design… solutions which balance stewardship with practicality.

Ecological Design & Build Services

How we approach your project is based on a solid foundation of diverse technical expertise and grounded in years of experience… as our name says we study the land and then design, manage, construct, plant, maintain, and monitor the results. Our approach has been recognized by leaders in the environmental community as both innovative and comprehensive.

LandStudies is a certified Woman Owned Business. Please see Certification and Training for more information.


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How planners and decision-makers can avoid wasteful spending and more effectively meet regulatory requirements.
Informative, easy to read booklet describing LandStudies’ approach to floodplain restoration.
Ecological Construction, Ecological Maintenance, MS4 Permit Support.
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