Water Week Landis Homes Tour

The Landis Homes wetlands and floodplain restoration was a popular tour associated with this year’s Lancaster County Water Week.  Participants included group tours from local senior living communities who enjoyed learning about the wetlands and floodplain restoration project that was designed and constructed by LandStudies. The site has become a vibrant focal point of the Landis Homes campus and includes a diverse native plant and wildlife community while also reducing flooding and downstream erosion.

Landis Communities created a short video to highlight the tour, featuring Linford Good, Community Design Specialist for Landis Communities, and our very own Nick Myers and Alyssa Hannigan. View the video at https://vimeo.com/721454365.

Learn more about the project at https://landstudies.com/landis-homes-retirement-community and more about Water Week at https://www.lancasterconservancy.org/water-week.

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