Saucon Valley Country Club Stream & Floodplain Restoration


Most of Saucon Creek and its tributaries have been constricted from development with infrastructure affecting the long-term stability of channel reaches within the Country Club site. The challenge was to provide a long- term solution to improve stability and that could be designed, permitted and constructed prior to the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open.


The goal of the project was to reduce non-point source pollution, including sediment and thermal pollution. This was achieved by restoring and stabilizing the stream channel and stream bank and improving the natural floodplain function. The project also re-established wider, more continuous vegetated riparian corridors using native vegetation. The result is improvements in aquatic and riparian habitats, migratory fish passage and wildlife corridors. This project also improved the golf course aesthetics and protects the property and infrastructure from damage from storm events and erosion.


Design | Geomorphic Assessment | Permitting | Construction | Construction Management | Landscape Installation | Monitoring

Client: Saucon Valley Country Club

Location: Bethlehem, Pa.

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