Santo Domingo Water Quality Facility Stormwater Management

Water Quality | Wetland Creation


The Santo Domingo Water Quality Facility, the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and most extensive stormwater management facility in the watershed, demonstrates a regional alternative to traditional stormwater management. As Santo Domingo Run flows into Linear Park, excess stormwater is diverted into a one-acre forebay pond that, similar to conventional stormwater basins, slows flow velocity, allowing sediment to settle out.

Stormwater then flows into a three-acre created wetland where remaining sediment drops out and nutrients are absorbed through biological processes by thousands of native plants. The clean, filtered water, is then discharged downstream. Community volunteers helped install more than 20,000 native plants. Neighbors in the surrounding residential development regard the open-space facility as an asset.


Design| Permitting | Construction Management | Volunteer Coordination

Client: US EPA

Location: Lititz, Pa.


After – Sediment removal from the forebay




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