Little Conestoga Watershed Action Plan


LandStudies, Inc. worked with the Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance (LCWA) to develop the Watershed Action Plan by building upon existing data and studies as well as through valuable stakeholder input. The plan focuses on documenting and prioritizing opportunities for watershed improvement projects and provides restoration master plans for five priority sites (Centerville Middle School, Mennonite Home, Conestoga Country Club, East Petersburg Park and Manheim Township Linear Park). The action plan provides guidance to the LCWA on where to focus implementation efforts to improve water quality, minimize adverse effects from stormwater and improve riparian habitat.

Project Prioritization:

1. Nutrient and sediment load reductions
2. Stream stability
3. Flood mitigation and infrastructure projection
4. Stormwater volume and/or peak rate reduction
5. Habitat restoration
6. Recreation


Master Planning | Landscape Design | Community Outreach

Client: Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance

Location: Lancaster County, Pa.

Mennonite Home Master Plan

Visioning Session, Community Involvement


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