Chestnut Grove Habitat Restoration

Design | Planning | Installation | Maintenance


LandStudies provided professional services for native ecological habitat restoration relative to the development of the Chestnut Grove Natural Area. The site includes two parcels owned by the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, which are being used for soil borrow activities for the future expansion of the Frey Farm Landfill. Services provided include design, implementation, oversight and maintenance of a variety of native habitat types, recreational trail system design and implementation, enhancement/expansion of wetlands on-site, and the associated permitting requirements for all of the proposed work.

These restoration activities will ultimately result in a preserved natural area that provides both passive recreation and environmental education opportunities. The project involves restoring native habitats such as upland forest, oak savanna, mesic forest, mesic prairie, dry prairie, wet meadow, barrens, scrubland, and American chestnut plantings. LandStudies was responsible for site preparation, seeding and planting, invasive species control, and site maintenance.


Landscape Design | Engineering | Permitting | Landscape Installation | Community Outreach

Client: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Location: Manor Township, Pa.

Chestnut Grove Habitat Restoration



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