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Banta Property Floodplain Restoration

Water Quality | Flooding Issues


The section of Lititz Run that flows through the Banta property historically had been dammed for a mill operation as well as moved and straightened. This disturbance caused instability typical of most streams in Lancaster County. The channel was eroding both downward and laterally, creating an overly wide and deep channel.


LandStudies restored 2,250 linear feet of stream and floodplain which included relocating the channel back to the center of the valley, at the lowest elevation. Cross vanes and rock vanes were installed specifically to improve trout habitat. Today, the restored channel meanders through the middle of the valley. The floodplain rises only a short distance above the surface of the water, and wetlands are frequent along the length of the restored channel. The restoration site was planted with a thriving native plant community, however, volunteer native flowering plants are also appearing. The original seed bank, which had, for centuries, been covered by legacy sediments, is once again near the surface, and the dormant seeds have begun to germinate and grow.


Design | Engineering | Permitting | Construction | Landscape Installation | Monitoring

Client: DEP Growing Greener Grant

Location: Warwick Township, Pa.

Banta Property Floodplain Restoration - After


Banta Property Floodplain Restoration - Before

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