LandStudies to Assist the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative with Development of a Pollution Reduction Plan


For additional information contact Bob Gray at (717) 627-4440 ext. 134 or Bob@landstudies.com

Philadelphia, PA – LandStudies, Inc., an ecology-focused engineering and landscape architecture company based in Lititz, PA, has been selected to help the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative develop a multi-municipal Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP), which is a requirement of the nine member municipalities’ Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit.

A PRP is a document that shows how a municipality will reduce the amount of pollution – like sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus – that ends up in their creeks and rivers from stormwater runoff. The PRP will focus on the Cobbs Creek and Darby Creek watersheds in the Delaware River basin.

LandStudies staff members Bob Gray and Mike LaSala will collect and organize information from the nine individual municipalities into a single multi-municipal PRP for submission to the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Their expertise will be essential for the development of budget estimates, best management practices, and long-term maintenance requirements.

LaSala has been helping municipalities with their MS4 requirements for many years, while Gray is new to LandStudies. His role is project manager, particularly in southeastern PA – a region in which LandStudies has recently begun to work more often.

“We are excited to work with the many municipalities of the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative to reduce the amount of pollution entering Cobbs and Darby creeks,” said Gray. “This kind of multi-municipal effort is still relatively new in Pennsylvania, but we see it as an opportunity to make great strides in water quality protection with less resources needed per municipality.”

To learn more about LandStudies’ work with MS4 communities, go to https://landstudies.com/ms4-permit-support-services.

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