Preserving Compass and the other Mills of Lititz Run

Radical improvements in the Lititz Run watershed have enhanced the water quality and transformed the stream’s riparian buffer. The project has received national recognition.

This change began with a 1999 study by LandStudies, a Lititz-based consulting group. That study persuaded Lititz Borough, Warwick Township and other concerned parties to renew the waterway’s elemental importance to the region.

Could a similar initiative accent the old mills standing along Lititz Run? Consulting historian Randolph Harris asked that question last week at a meeting of the Archives Committee of Lititz Moravian Church.

The five remaining mills, Harris said, constitute “a string of pearls of historic buildings along one of the most pristine streams in the Mid-Atlantic states.”

Harris suggested that municipal governments and concerned private organizations in the Lititz Run watershed could cooperate to improve not only the mills but houses, churches and other features along the way.

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