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LandStudies Employee Profile: James Kreider

LandStudies has 30 staff who work on a variety of projects across south-central Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and beyond. In this and future web posts, we will highlight those staff who make our ecological restoration and design work possible. This month, we feature our Director of the Field Operations Division, James Kreider.

James KreiderResponsibilities

Mr. Kreider is an environmental scientist who is responsible for all aspects of installation and construction services. He also leads the company’s initiative to implement functional, natural landscapes. He also performs various environmental tasks such as pre- and post-construction monitoring, permitting, assessment, and plan reviews. Mr. Kreider’s combination of skills, experience, and knowledge related to both construction and the natural sciences are focused on the restoration of native ecosystems, which improve the quality of life in our communities.


Mr. Kreider is a PA Certified Horticulturalist with a Sustainable Landscapes Certification (i.e. PCH-SLC). His educational and experiential background includes construction management, site supervision, and project management related to the design and construction of numerous ecological restoration projects. He has conducted research on the impacts of legacy sediments on watersheds and estuaries, and has experience in geomorphic stream assessments, natural stream restoration design, wetland delineation, research and report writing, survey assistance, environmental permitting, and grant writing.

Wetland Projects

This month some of our social media posts were about wetlands and their importance. Mr. Kreider has worked on numerous projects related to wetlands, including a wetland mitigation/creation project at the Philadelphia Airport in 2014, when they needed to extend their taxiway, and a wetland and floodplain restoration project along Big Spring Run in Lancaster PA in 2011. For those projects, Mr. Kreider provided project management and oversight, ensuring they were done on-time, within scope, and resulted in high-functioning, naturalized landscapes.

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