Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) and LandStudies, Inc. Team Chosen to Prepare Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plan for Paxton Creek


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Harrisburg, PA – HRG, an employee-owned civil engineering and related services firm based in Harrisburg with offices across Pennsylvania, is partnering with Lititz-based LandStudies, Inc., a women-owned business that specializes in ecological restoration and design, to prepare a TMDL plan for Paxton Creek beginning in the spring of 2017.

A TMDL plan is like a “pollution diet” for the Paxton Creek watershed. The plan will outline how much sediment is in the creek now, identify potential sources of that pollution, and provide strategies for reducing sedimentation to safer levels by a specified deadline. The overall goal of the TMDL plan is to help municipalities within the watershed comply with relevant state and federal regulations while improving the health of Paxton Creek.

HRG was involved in the preparation of the Paxton Creek Watershed TMDL Strategy in December 2015, and is the retained engineer for CRW, Susquehanna Township, and Lower Paxton Township. These experiences provide HRG with historical knowledge of the pollution issues within the watershed that other firms do not have. LandStudies has the state’s first Certified Professional in Municipal Stormwater Management (CPMSM), who is well-versed in writing TMDL plans and assisting municipalities with their stormwater pollution problems.

Together, HRG and LandStudies have over 50 years of experience serving municipal clients on water quality needs and requirements, including the development of cost-effective TMDL plans. They look forward to working together and collaborating with CRW, Susquehanna Township, and Lower Paxton Township to clean up the Paxton Creek watershed.

“HRG was thrilled with the announcement that our team was selected for this important work.”, said Matt Bonanno, P.E., the Civil Practice Area Leader for HRG. “We are excited to continue to partner with LandStudies to bring value-added and cost-effective water quality solutions to our clients. Our team is looking forward to the challenge of improving the quality of water in Paxton Creek for all stakeholders who live, work, and play within the watershed.”

LandStudies’ President, Kelly Gutshall, echoed those sentiments. “We look forward to expanding our work in Dauphin County and the Paxton Creek watershed, where multiple municipalities and organizations are working collaboratively to address stormwater pollution. This will be a perfect opportunity for our staff to enhance and improve the watershed and all the communities that depend on it.”

To learn more about HRG’s work, visit: www.hrg-inc.com

To learn more about LandStudies, visit: www.landstudies.com

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