Gutshall Appointed to Conservancy Land Protection Committee

LandStudies’ President, Kelly Gutshall, has been appointed to the Land Protection Committee for the Lancaster County Conservancy. This group of 14 professionals who meet bi-monthly, exists to guide and support the Lancaster County Conservancy’s board of directors and staff in their efforts to expand their system of nature preserves and protect critical lands. One of the committee’s greatest accomplishments was protecting 600 acres of land in 2016. They also provide guidance on upcoming land acquisitions for 2017, totaling approximately 750 acres.

Jenn Teson, the Conservancy’s land protection coordinator, said that Kelly was asked to join the committee because, “She brings a wealth of experience in landscape level analysis. The Conservancy is a partnership focused on organization, and Kelly’s team approach to complex projects will be a wonderful addition to the group. As the Conservancy continues to expand its efforts to protect our forests and streams, Kelly’s knowledge of the critical role the Conservancy plays, from a community perspective, in protecting our waterways and landscapes, is one of the many reasons why we asked her to join our team.”

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