Green Master Plan Leads to Stormwater Improvements at the Wrightsville Riverfront Park

Approximately three years ago, LandStudies (LSI) provided a green master plan, engineering, permitting, and related design services for “green infrastructure” improvements that will provide efficient management of urban stormwater runoff for Wrightsville Borough, York County, and improve the environmental function of the river corridor associated with the 11-acre Wrightsville Riverfront Park. LandStudies’ work piggybacked off a Master Plan for the park that was developed by YSM in 2011.


Ann Yost, Landscape Architect with YSM, said, “LSI integrated green infrastructure improvements into the park design in a manner that retained recreation value while addressing municipal MS4 requirements.”


In October 2017, the Secretary of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Ms. Cindy Dunn, along with representatives from LandStudies, YSM, Lancaster Civil Engineering, and others, toured the site and discussed future plans. “Across the state, regardless of the waterway or the town, we have seen the very good things that fall into place when a rebounding river is used as a catalyst for a municipality’s revitalization,” said Secretary Dunn.


The nearly $2 million in renovations and improvements will include natural area restoration, passive use trails, a boat ramp, and stormwater best management practices (BMPs), including a series of bio-retention swales to manage and filter runoff before it enters the Susquehanna River. The project will also include the construction of playground improvements that will be completed in the next couple months.


Ben Craddock, project manager with Lancaster Civil Engineering, said, “Not only did LSI create a master plan that balanced recreational and green infrastructure improvements, but they’ve provided valuable ongoing support and expertise throughout the entire process – from concept through construction.”


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