Friends of the Woods and Wetlands Group Receives Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to the Landis Homes group of environmental volunteers, the Friends of the Woods and Wetlands, who recently received LeadingAge PA’s Distinguished Service Award for the 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award.  “This award recognizes individuals or groups who have enhanced the quality of life of seniors through volunteer work for the benefit of the residents, member organization and/or greater community.” The group of about 25 volunteers are exemplary stewards of the land who are committed to ensuring the health of the ecosystems in their community through monitoring and advancing ecological diversity.

LandStudies designed and constructed the stream and floodplain restoration of Kurtz Run, which flows through the Landis Homes Retirement Community. This project created natural areas for residents to enjoy while also providing many ecological and economic benefits to the community on a regional scale. The group’s involvement not only helps to maximize the benefits of the project, but also promotes the mission and goals of Landis Homes as an example for a sustainable and thriving community that enhances the lives of its residents.

The group’s activities include reestablishing native species; controlling invasive species; studying environmental issues and making recommendations based on their findings. They encourage involvement from other residents at Landis Homes and provide environmental education to residents and the broader community. The group actively participates in our Healthy Watershed Tours, sharing their findings and expertise with a variety of community stakeholders.

LandStudies recognizes the group as an important player in the longevity of our floodplain restoration project and as a valuable asset to Landis Homes and the wider community.

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