Oakmont Development Stormwater Assessment & Drainage Improvements

Stormwater Assessment and Drainage Improvements


An existing development in Hummelstown, Pa. was experiencing numerous stormwater related issues within their community. Many of the homes are located on steep slopes, and as the community grew, impervious cover had increased. As a result, the original stormwater structures and swales have become inadequate for handling stormwater flows. This has led to significant erosion, and damage to some of the homes.


LandStudies, Inc. carried out stormwater assessments of each homeowner association area and developed a detailed report outlining the findings from these site visits. In addition to identifying areas of concern, LandStudies, Inc. provided recommendations for further action to fix the existing problems.

In the case of one homeowner association, LandStudies, Inc. performed remedial work on 3 existing stormwater basins by removing sediment build- up, and stabilizing the basin and outflow swale with native plants and seed. The improvements are aimed at improving infiltration and stabilizing the swale and basin.


Site Assessment | Construction

Client: Oakmont Condominium Associations (I,II,IV,V)

Location: Hummelstown, PA

Download this case study as a PDF


Drainage improvements during construction


Restored swale and infiltration basin planted with native shrubs and grasses


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