Little Conestoga Watershed

Sustainable Stormwater Solutions


LandStudies worked with the Little Conestoga Watershed Partnership to evaluate existing stormwater management facilities on a watershed scale within the Little Conestoga Creek watershed. The goal was to identify and prioritize best management practices (BMPs) for implementation that provide the largest pollution reduction to cost ratio and help municipalities within the watershed comply with recent environmental regulations that aim at improving water quality.

Site evaluations considered: site/regional stormwater management, nutrient and sediment load reductions, maintenance reduction, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit compliance potential, wetland creation, wildlife habitat enhancement, recreation opportunities, & aesthetic enhancement.

The five sites included a residential neighborhood, business park, shopping mall, retirement community, and local grocery store. Master plans were developed to illustrate how a stormwater facility retrofit, stream restoration, or stormwater BMP could improve both the site and watershed. The local watershed alliance is using the resulting master plans as part of grant applications for implementation funding through state and federal funding sources.


Master Planning | Cost-Benefit Analysis

Client: Little Conestoga Partnership

Location: Little Conestoga Creek Watershed, Lancaster County, Pa.

Download this case study as a PDF

Commercial Basin for Potential Retrofit

Existing Stream for Potential Floodplain Restoration


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