Lewisburg Estate

 Sustainable Site Design


A 180 acre Lewisburg estate is being converted from agricultural land to residential use and natural areas with an objective of protecting and enhancing natural resources already present on the property.


Land management solutions were developed using LandStudies’ signature Green Master Plan process, which includes: consideration of near and distant views from the home, privacy from public access routes, transitions from formal landscaping near the home to natural landscape strategies throughout other portions of the property. Planting strategies were carefully considered to improve wildlife habitat, control invasive plants, and provide screening in winter months. Innovative stormwater management techniques such as bio-swales and raingardens were used throughout the site to infiltrate and filter stormwater, provide erosion control, and protect a newly created pond and restored stream on the property.


Green Master Plan | Landscape Design | Landscape Installation | Landscape Management


2011 Brick Industry Association Bronze award recognizing the architect, Archer & Buchanan and Landscape Architect, LandStudies, Inc.

Client: Private Homeowner

Location: Union County, Pa.

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Detailed Site Design

Green Master Plan


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